Preliminary Match Schedules


Match 104 on Curie tho.

Looking forward to match 64 on Hopper if schedules stay the same.

104 on curie will be a good one to watch for all involved as well.

Using the preliminary schedules, I calculated predicted rankings for each division based on max OPR

Click on a division tab, then “View predicted rankings”

looking at the PNW teams, 4488 is third in Carson (YASSSSSSSSS), 3663 15th in curie, 955 8th in Newton, 2522 6th in Newton, and 1983 is 11th in Newton.

PNW has a pretty good chance of Einstein this year, as long as this is right (And it isint.) :rolleyes:

Check out match 61 on Carson!

thats going to be a match to watch, now time to figure out if 4488 is going to post their matches, i may not be up that early…:eek:

You’re missing 955 as 8th on Newton and 2522 as 6th on Newton. :slight_smile:

Looking Forward to that one. maybe a high score? :stuck_out_tongue:

there’s a reason why i wear glasses…

All the more reason for PNW to go to Einstein though!

For those interested, here’s the pdfs converted to csv

Match 64 of Hopper is going to be awesome! 2826, 2614, and 987 all on one alliance.

Looks like you have Curie’s schedule posted under Archimedes.

I just wanted to say I really appreciate all the work you’re putting into that site, it’s perfect, all of the information that I’ve wanted as soon as divisions were released that blue alliance doesn’t provide, and I don’t have to calculate it myself. Keep doing what you do, I love it.

Thanks! I’m glad it’s helpful.

Can anyone rank ease of schedule for the teams (average OPR of alliance members would do fairly well). With all the changes teams are making, I’m really curious for the top 5-10 on each field.

Edit: This was more what I was looking for, strength of schedule.

Go through each predicted ranking and order by highest positive Rank difference.

That gives a good idea, but Archimedes for example has a team that has a rank difference of +24… meaning you would have to have at most 25 highest OPR to beat that. Just thought it might be an interesting idea so see who has the “best” schedules.

No, dont literally look at the numbers. Its just able to show who has the easiest schedule when using OPR.