Premiere Night Details - Robot Reveal Night! - Feb 23rd 6pm Eastern!

Get more information and updates about Premiere Night on FUN’s Discord or provide your info on this Google Sheet

Ready for your team to get tens of thousands of views?

Premiere Night is back once again and with the end of stop build day you have a couple more days to be prepared to show off your robot! Even if your robot is not 100% take the time to film it and show off what you have to the community.

Premiere Night will take place on 2/23 starting at 6pm US Eastern. We have several giveaways and prizes lined up for those who watch live so get your entire team, family and friends on and logged into Twitch for more chances to win. You can always raise awareness for Premiere Night by tagging @firstupdatesnow and #FUNPremiereNight on social media and directing people to

Submissions must be a 90 second video or less and are due by end of day Friday February 21st. Submission Link will be sent to you as we get closer to Premiere Night. (While we cannot guarantee that your video will be shown, if you are running late, please contact or Tyler on Discord at


Do not release a reveal video prior to Premiere Night. Teasers are okay as long as they do not show off the entire robot or full functionality (you can obscure portions). Please direct people to watch the full reveal on Premiere Night on your teaser video(s). You may also release a longer or different reveal video after Premiere Night has completed.

Your Premiere Night Video needs to be uploaded to YouTube under UNLISTED (make sure it is not public or private).

Video quality needs to be filmed and uploaded at 720p or higher 16:9 aspect ratio. Video needs to fill the entire frame (do not film in 360p and then upscale to 720).

Audio: FUN is white-listed to use Monstercat music for streaming. Feel free to utilize music at in your reveal video to guarantee it is not muted in the stream archive. You can also find royalty free music on YouTube.

If you have any questions feel free to post here or on Discord.


Get your robot on the front page of Twitch! No matter how far along your robot is submit your video and show it off to the FRC and Twitch community! Information and submission form at

Premiere Night Q&A is on the FUN Discord at in the #frc-premiere-night channel

Submissions due 2/21 10pm EST
Premiere Night airs live 2/23 6pm EST

Also if you are interested in submitting for First Pupdates Now (or any pet you have) information can be found here. Submission times are the same

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Reminder: Submissions are due Friday 10pm ET! We are once again confirmed for Twitch Front page during this time and expect tens of thousands of views. No matter where your robot is at, make a <90 video and submit to


A reminder that submissions for Premiere Night are due tonight at 10pm ET. You can submit to

Extensions: We want to do what we can to get your team’s video up on the Twitch Front Page, but please know that there’s an extreme amount of prep work leading up to a show like this. Some extensions may be granted, but are not guaranteed. If you are in need of an extension. Please DM me and let me know how long you need to submit your video. I will then either approve, not approve or provide you a revised time.