Premiere Night is Back on 2/25! Submission Info.

Back for a fifth year in a row Premiere Night is back and will air live on Saturday 2/25 at 7pm Eastern!

Premiere Night is a chance to show the FIRST community for the first time your entire robot for the 2017 game, Steamworks! Last year we had 49 accepted submissions and nearly 10,000 views. FUN is now a Twitch Partner and we expect that number to double as we expand to include the Twitch community.

Here’s the preview of Premiere Night from last year

Submissions will be due by Thursday 2/23 at 5:00pm EST. Here are the submissions guidelines:

Videos may be up to 90 seconds so the show does not go 4+ hours. We recommend that you create the video for Premiere Night and then release that video or a longer video after.

**Upload your videos to YouTube and place it in the unlisted setting. You must not have released any other videos of your completed robot before 2/25 (it’s Premiere Night after all).

Submit your video on Youtube and then fill out the following form anytime by the 22nd to the link below. If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Watch Premiere Night and other content at


We are Robota FRC team #5814 from Ecuador

What are the guidelines of the video?, Do we have to buy a subscription to watch the premiere night?

You dont have to pay to watch the twitch stream, but if you want stuff like custom emoticons, you have to pay 5 dollars a month.

i would also recommend you check out this playlist if you are looking for an idea of what a reveal video is like.


Thanks for your questions.

The submission form along with guidelines are located here. To summarize:

  • Video is 90 seconds or less
  • Video is uploaded on YouTube as an unlisted video
  • You do not release a video of your completed robot prior to Premiere Night

As droneexpert87 said, you do not have to pay to watch this stream. We would be delighted if you choose to subscribe or donate.

A second reminder: Submissions are due Wednesday overnight. To be honest I will probably not get to work until Thursday at 6:00pm Eastern so you are most likely safe until then.

A couple updates for Premiere Night:

We are delighted to announce that we will have the amazing Jess Boucher will be back to analyze videos! We highly recommend you read this thread created by her last year: So you want to build a reveal video

It’s unlikely that we are going to process submissions right at Wednesday at midnight so we’re going to extend submissions to Thursday at 5:00pm EST. Please get in contact with me if you need a special exemption as I can grant this for a couple teams but not all.

We will be featured on either Twitch’s Creative Channel or Front Page (tbd) so expect a large viewing from the Twitch community either way!

Expect a giveaway or two during the show. You must be following and watching during the time of the giveaway(s) to qualify.

Thanks everyone, we already have a couple submissions and can’t wait to see more!

My team has been releasing small teasers of our robot for the past week or so, would this disqualify us from participating with our full reveal video?

Based on Tyler’s guidelines I would say you are good to go

Yeah this is fine. To help both sides I would recommend that you tell people to watch for your robot on Premiere Night! You’re welcome to use our logo for this specific promotion purpose.

I really don’t want to audit every team that comes through. Use good judgement and just don’t post a reveal video with your full robot.

I received a few messages from teams that the submission form was closed. This was an error and has been corrected. You should still be able to submit. If you are having issues please reach out to me.

Would it be possible to get a team list?

We will be posting a preview video along with the team list this evening. We have 60+ teams this year!

So we’re looking at 2ish hours of FUN?

That is a huge jump from last year. I can’t wait.

Yeah we are blown away by the response! So many teams we might need to split into two Sub-Premiere Nights in the future…

We’re shooting for 150 minutes. We’ll see if that holds.

Twitch is blocked on school ipads :frowning:

As a partner we are under contract to stream exclusively through Twitch. Any twitch partner that streams under a different medium are most likely in violation of their ToS.

We will have an archive up the next day at