Premiere Night Submission Details and Q&A (Submissions due Feb 21st)

This thread will be utilized to answer any Premiere Night Q&A. Official answers will come from the OP.

Submit your video to Premiere Night:

Submissions are due February 21st at 10pm (22:00) US Eastern

Some fielded Q&A’s (other ones will just have replies)

Q: Hi so my team’s reveal vid in total is 93 sec will this be a problem?
A: Usually there’s an opportunity to cut 3 sec out of intro or outro. If there isn’t we will accept it. My only concern is that if we have 100 videos that all go over it adds time to a long night. I won’t reject your video for 3 sec.

Q: if youtube’s music policies don’t have the song, but other music from the same artist is fine, will it be muted on your stream?

also, if it says “viewable worldwide” and “Ads can appear” is the song fine?

A: Nothing will be muted on live stream. Archive is the only concern. If it’s view-able worldwide that is fine as we do not monetize our YouTube videos currently and just rely on donations from the community.

Our team is in the process of making our robot reveal, however, with some of the “free” (in the loosest sense) time we’ve had this year, we’ve made two bumper reveal videos.
While meme-y in nature, we have posted the reveal of our blue bumpers, Falafel X, to the public through our team’s meme Instagram account ( for everyone who it’s blocked on Instagram due to the music used). While I understand there will be a long list of robot reveals to play through on Friday night, would it be possible to also submit our reveal video (45s long) for our red bumpers, SHAWARMA X, and for it to be played (time permitting obviously) alongside our robot reveal?

Thanks for the question!

This is a definite maybe. Our priority is to show off robots first but if we have some down time it could be a good comedic relief during a giveaway or something of the sort. Put this in your notes with your submission.

As a side note we will not be accommodating everyone’s request to do this or necessarily this teams request.

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Friendly reminder: Do not post your video publicly if you plan on submitting to premiere night. We have had to decline two submissions because they posted their video as public and then posted to CD/social media.

Submissions for Premiere Night are due by 10pm (22:00) US Eastern time at

If you have any questions or concerns about submitting on time please PM me or email [email protected]

We’re looking to have a record year of submissions and have already received some great teams including 1678, 2910, 359 and many more! We can’t wait to show off your reveal video to thousands of FRC members and tens of thousands of people on the front page of Twitch. We will show every reveal video submitted (please follow rules in the submission form).

Can I ask something frankly: Why?

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Absolutely! Look at what we are doing as a co-op. People typically come and watch Premiere Night because they get to see an amazing set of teams and reveal videos that have never been seen before and get to see them all in one spot with the excitement of a live show. If all of these videos were already released then what reason would people have to watch and the excitement would be deflated and gone to a large scale.


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