Preparing for Houston Champs

Hi friends!

My rookie team has qualified for the Houston Championship, and we were wondering if anyone has the instructions for building the kit bot. We would ideally like to have them before we get there so we can get to work right away. Also, if anyone has advice about how to prepare for champs, please let me know! Thanks!

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You can find the instructions here:

I’m a bit concerned why you need them at this point, though. Did you disassemble your robot after your last regional or do you have some serious modifications planned?

Do you hear that sound?
That’s the sound of hundreds of teams checking to see if you’re in their division (and seeing if they have a match with you).

Galileo teams - you have the ball.

Are you build a robot from scratch for this event? There is lots of advice we can provide, with a little more detail.

Here is a list I made of robot priorities for this year’s game.
Here is a post detailing what teams like 148 are looking for in partners.

Everyone is going to be eager to help. Stop by the 148 pit in Hopper if you need anything - we are 3 aisles down the row!


Edit: Your post made me (and probably others) think you were talking about *your *robot. Watching match footage, you guys seem great. I’m confused.

Gregg, my team (#1577) is in your division and would love to help. We’ll send some people to see if you need any help. If you can’t find us come by our pit! Good luck.

On the one hand, it’s not April 1st. On the other hand, I passed these guys at LS South with a robot that was definitely not a kitbot. A lot more like the this bot that got them 8th seed Captain at LS South:

So I’m guessing there’s some leg pulling going on here. Either that, or they’ve discovered that googly eyes are just as bad as mecanums for alliance picking.

Or they are considering pulling a 4587/5829?

The Undergraduate School of Carrots!

My favorite FIRST team name with my favorite FIRST troll post of the year. Bravo… and good luck at Champs.

What’s wrong with vision tracking?

Ask Blarglefish how their vision tracking helped their lift succeed in Lonestar South Semi 2-2.