Preregional 2022 and official week 0

Looking for information on the Preregional Event happening in Israel on the 24th-25th. Namely, will an official FRC FMS be used?

Also, is an official Week 0 event happening in New Hampshire? I haven’t seen any info about it.

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EDIT: More info in this thread: Week Zero 2022 - #10 by MARS_James

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I can’t speak on how the Israel pregional will be run, but the only official field for week 0 events will be at the official week 0 event in New Hampshire

I’m guessing the Israel event will use an off-season FMS or Cheesy Arena


Pregional 2022 will not feature score tracking. This event is supposed to help Israeli teams to practice on a full-size field with other teams.


Will the official Week 0 in NH use the FMS Events API? It’s not an official event yet in the system as of noon Thurs.

Some of us need to test our websites :slight_smile:

It may not be in the system yet, but don’t worry, you can always test on this event:

I hear it’s a big event, over 99% of the world will be opting in.

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