Prescription safety glasses

I found out today while getting new glasses for my wife that “Foreyes Optical” is having a 50% sale for teachers and facility thru the end of the month. This may include mentors if you ask nicely and if they feel you are teaching. You can go to their website for locations and coupon. I do not work for or represent Foreyes Optical. I have used prescription safety glasses for years and like having them.

I also have used prescription safety glasses for several years during robotics season; well worth the price, and 50% off sounds like a good deal

I normally don’t wear glasses, but I got some for robotics events. Prescription safety glasses with bifocals to help my old eyes see little parts, and enough correction for my slight astigmatism so I can see the scoreboard clearly. Cheap at Walmart.

This is just to put this back up the screen. The sale goes until the end of the month.

I treated myself to bifocal safety glasses this past year. From Four Eyes. They may not be pretty, but I like 'em.

I have regular glasses that are AO Safety certified. I just adds side shields :wink:

Anyone know the difference between ANSI Z87 2+ (or whatever the latest standard is) and what AO Safety certified means?

Also my prescription safety glasses saved my eye a few years ago because of backward pneumatic plumbing from a student and the flipping of a solenoid with no warning. Best purchase ever. Highly recommend.