Preseason Best

Who do you think is the best robot so far this year? Obviously a few are still hidden (we have yet to see the Eh Team I believe) but I think that a fair number of bots have been shown. Who do you like? Feel free to include words about bots that have not been shown yet, but please don’t release any details that they want hidden!

  1. Hands down. 7 disc Autonomous plus a 3 point shooter plus a <30 second 30 point climb. And the Titan can probably also play Guitar Hero at the top of the pyramid… :rolleyes:

Agreed completely. 118 gives them a challenge, but that autonomous was fantastic (and also what our team will do). That and the hanger are fantastic. 118’s full court shooting can be disrupted, but they will still be a major championship contender.

I agree that 1986 Titanium has the best autonomous I’ve seen so far, but in tele-op and end game periods, I think 118 Robonauts are the best. Their shooting from full-court is amazing alone, but then they even climb on the outside corner for 30 points! That’s definitely the best climber I’ve seen, because it allows for their alliance partners to take up as much space as they need on the inside of the pyramid to climb. Both are great robots!

Picture 1986 and 118 on an alliance together at CMP… 118’s full court shooing with 1986 cleaning up the misses and running cycles of their own! And then the endgame, oh boy:yikes:

1986, 118, and 2512 are my picks. 2512 had an incredible cross-court.

1986, 118, 2481, 16, 340 in that order are my current top 5. Depending on how well each of these teams gets their autonomous dialed in they may move around.

This might be a bit premature…seeing as tons of elites have yet to unveil their bots, and some may not until their first event!

The elites never show off their work til it’s too late to do anything about it.
It’s impossible to make judgement call on how good a robot is based on a reveal video anyways.
The best robot is probably hiding in the shadows waiting to strike.

You take 340 over 179? I see 340 as having the better climber but only by 10 points. I see 179 having a far superior shooter that could easily more than make up those 10 points.

I think that 118 beats out 1986. 118’s ability to shoot all 45 disks from the feeder station along with their climb (although not the best) will win them most of their matches on their own. 118’s pickup is also a lot cleaner. And although It’s not shown in the video, I’m sure 118 will have a great auton by the time their first regional rolls around, if they haven’t developed one already.

I think 118 looks the best for now. 1986 looks like they climb faster, but I’m not sure if they have a better autonomous. Maybe 118 hadn’t perfected their autonomous when they made the video, but I see no reason why they can’t make one as good as 1986’s. 118’s intake seems faster and more efficient. 118 looks like they can shoot farther than 1986, but maybe 1986 also didn’t show off the full capabilities of their shooter because they hadn’t perfected it yet. I also really like how 118 doesn’t need to rotate their robot, or even move to score when they’re fed by a human player.

Note that 2512 and 118 were bouncing quite a few shots. It probably won’t effect them in early rounds , but in championship level matches, robots like that could get outscored by opponenent’s that get all the discs into the target - and never miss.

118>1986, due to their CRAZY versatility. They not only have full-field potential, but they can ground pick, shoot from almost everywhere, and climb. If you shut down their full-field, they move to scoring from the pyramid, then they can go back to shooting full court if you try to stop them there! I also see no reason why they cannot do a 7 disk auton, their video shows them picking up two disks side-by-side.

Just because we have not yet seen 118’s 7 disk autonomous does not mean it does not exist. I want to see a 9 disk auto or any team that can legally get the center 2 disks in auto.