Preseason Programs

Today Team 1672 presented its preseason program called Spreading Wings to the rest of its members. Our goal is to take our 2010 robot and add a platform that can be raised or lowered which will hold a model rocket. The rocket can then be launched remotely using our driver station. The powerpoint from our presentation can be found at . What haveother teams done for preseason programs in the past and roughly how many team hours have teams spent on them?

For my team; We usually try to teach new members of the sub-team the basics of the code and try to learn more features.
This year, I am trying something new, teaching them by having them make labview programs. Like programs that do simple things like a case machine that would run a theoretical kicker, or that find the GCF of two numbers.

But as for your rocket launcher A) i really wanna see a video of that, because its gonna be really cool :smiley: B) make sure you check your cases…A LOT :yikes:

Two main point:

We run a summer program during which we develop (design, prototype, test, develop models, further disign) new technologies which we believe will be useful to the team in the future. Examples:

During the Fall, we focus on recruiting, engaging and training new students (and mentors). As part of the engagement, we participate in two off-season competitons (Duel on the Delaware and Ramp Riot). Training is mostly hands-on, but with some element of “book learning”. Traingin includes CAD, basic tool use, power tool use, safety, MIG welding, milling,…

versedaaron: We are definitely going to record the whole thing! And our team should do something for coding considering we are switching from c++ to labview this year.

Clem1640: This is very useful thank you.