Presentation about FIRST

I was thinking of putting together a presentation about FIRST and how its goals are important for our society. IT would include what FIRST is and the impact (statistics) of FIRST. I figured the best way to get a quick summary of the impact of FIRST was to ask CD. So has anyone done a similar presentation (ppt, document, etc) that wouldn’t mind sharing?

The presentation is aimed at any age audience and any audience (Something general).


Why not ask FIRST directly? They release an annual report with exactly that type of data.

Find it at

I would suggest starting with this survey:

The really hot weather in New Jersey just blew my brain cells…I totally forgot about the reports on FIRST’s website. Ok, I’m going to rephrase my question.

Anyone have a presentation promoting FIRST and how important it is for our society, that they would like to share :)?

Lots of information, including statistics and power point located here:

This guy had a decent presentation at a March conference that seemed pretty informative.

:slight_smile: Thanks for posting Vince!
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