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Hello everyone! My team is actively preparing for the interviews and working on presentations for all 3 challenges and Chairman’s. I would really appreciate it if you send here any of your presentations. That will really help us!

I’ll start:
Chairmans_presentation.pdf (40.5 MB)

Innovation Challenge:
INCH-1 (2).pdf (2.6 MB)

Что есть, то есть!.pdf (1.6 MB)

Presentations for IR@H and Innovation Challenge are not completely ready so they are full of mistakes / notes in Russian. But I still wonder, what do you think about the design / content / structure / information of these presentations?

Also could you share your presentations (especially for GDC) please, since we still don’t completely have an idea about the structure of our presentations. Thanks in advance!


Really like the IR@H graphics. Nice to see what others are going to present. To be honest, my team was a bit worried about what to do.

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SLIDES ROBO (1).pdf (2.1 MB)
our flyer and the presentation used in our ir@h interview


This is what 166 used as our flyer


I love your graphic design choices, I am very jealous.

We’re not quite at the point where we feel ready to share our GDC presentation, but for structure we’re going to do something similar to this:

Game Theme/Story overview
Design Process
Key elements
Match Flow (walking through auto/teleop/endgame)
Odds and ends that don’t quite fit else where

I think the most important thing is to highlight the basics and then anything you wanted to cover, but couldn’t in your submitted materials.

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I’m not sure sharing our GDC script will help you much. We just talked over a slide show of pictures to illustrate what we were speaking about.

Since the judges had already read our game and should have a good idea of how it will play, we spent the bulk of our time explaining the decisions we made. We explained the evolution of our game piece, why we laid out the field the way we did, the design choices around the game and challenge elements, the reasoning behind our color choices, and how we arrived at our theme.

Don’t waste much of your short 7 minutes talking about things that are in your submission. They should have already reviewed those materials. If you need to clarify something, go for it, but if you’re just repeating something then your time is probably better served exploring another topic more deeply.

Good luck!

GDC 6404 real oficial.pdf (1.4 MB)
A pdf of the presentation we used today for gdc

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