Presenting MorScout - FRC scouting system for iOS, Android, and web

MorTorq Team 1515 is proud to present our newest iteration of MorScout!

iOS: In Apple Store approval process - coming soon

What is MorScout?
MorScout is a user-friendly FRC scouting application available on iOS, Android, and web clients. It allows teams to create a custom scouting form, record match data, and compile information to improve match performance and assist in alliance selection. We’ve completely revamped the system from last year by creating a central, easy-to-configure server, improving the UI, and adding a ton of new features.

Why use MorScout?
Custom scouting forms are the key new feature in this year’s version of MorScout. Both match and pit forms are completely customizable so that you can record all of the information that you need and none that you don’t. To save some time, we’ve already made a default form for Stronghold, but you’re free to add or remove any data points you’d like. We’re still working on some features, like easy data point reordering and updating, but we will push that out as soon as possible.

We’ve integrated MorScout with MorTeam, our team management system, creating one network for all of your FRC needs. However, you do not need to use MorTeam if you don’t want to. MorScout streamlines user assignments as individual scouters can be assigned matches and corresponding teams through the application, eliminating the need to keep track of who scouts which team. Scouting data can either be retained privately in your team or shared publicly to help teams who don’t have the ability to collect detailed match or pit data. You can also view the data of any other teams that are kind enough to make their data public.

“OurScout is MorScout than YourScout”

This looks awesome, but whenever I try to do a pit scout or a match scout, and try to submit it, it brings up a toast message that reads “Error submitting report. Make sure you have filled out every item.” I filled out all of the necessary items, but it still won’t let me submit.

This issue normally occurs if you have radio buttons in the scout form and it requires one to be selected before submitting the report. We’ll likely consider changing this feature in the future.

This is awesome guys! I really want to dive in and see if this is a viable option for our team moving forward this season. Is there any ability to export the data so it can be viewed and manipulated?

Hi, you can look at all the matches for a specific team in a regional using the web application. Unfortunately due to screen size constraints this feature would not be feasible on the iOS and android clients. In the near future we will try to make it possible for teams to export scouted data in an excel file or something similar.

Web app exclusive features include:

  • Form creation
  • All matches overview for a team
  • Assigning matches to scouters
  • Viewing other
    users’ profiles (user search)
  • More detailed matches list
  • Viewing team awards and statistics

I think this is a great idea. Is this something that requires a constant internet connection? I know with other scouting tools online, you have to be on the internet for them to work.

The iOS and android clients cache data so it is completely functional when offline. However, some features such as viewing previously scouted data is not available as it would be unpractical to cache such large amounts of data. If you submit a report offline, it will save it locally and send it to the server as soon as an Internet connection is established. We are currently working on creating an offline desktop app as well.

Whoops, turns out we forgot to post Android screenshots for those interested.

We’d also love to hear some feedback from anyone who used/is using it at a regional. Anything from bug reports to suggestions to simply knowing how you’re using it so we can focus further development. Thanks to everyone using it!

Would it be possible to have it export data as a csv?
It would help to allow me do extra analysis.
Do you have any idea on when the computer app would be finished?

This looks amazing, and I would love to use it, but I am worried about needing an internet connection (especially as an Australian team, trying to scout at Champs would become very expensive).
Also, how are you dealing with the chance of the website going down? Because that would be horrible if it meant you couldn’t access your scouting data/Scout. Would you ever have to take it down for maintenance?

Sorry for asking so many questions, but it looks amazing and something that I am definitely considering.

So what do the background colors mean on the teams on the all matches page?

We are very likely going to use this to scout Midwest. (If anyone wants to help us scout please do!)

We are currently working on exporting data as csv and it will be available very soon! The same applies for the offline desktop app. However, in the meantime you can use the iOS app (available on Tuesday or Wednesday) and the android app (available now) to scout offline. The mobile apps save data locally and sync when an internet connection is established.

As for the website going down, we use a module called “forever” that ensures that our servers will be always online unless there is an issue with Amazon’s servers (which is very unlikely). We might have to take the servers down for maintenance, but if we do, it will be very brief and we will try to do it as little as possible, if ever. In addition, if you’re really worried about something happening, you can periodically export the data as csv (which is coming very soon, as i mentioned).

Thank you!

  • Orange - your own team
  • Red - a team that is on an opposing alliance in the future
  • Green - a team that is on your alliance in the future
  • Purple - meets the conditions of both red and green

These are intended to highlight the teams that are most important to scout.

Good news everyone!

Apple has approved MorScout for distribution on the iOS app store. It is now available for download on all iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc.

Here is a link:

This is awesome guys! I really want to dive in and see if this is a viable option for our team moving forward this season. Is there any ability to export the data so it can be viewed and manipulated?

Would it be possible to have it export data as a csv?
It would help to allow me do extra analysis.

This feature is now available under settings. Good luck and thanks for trying MorScout!

Is there a way for the admin to change the team’s unique code?

While playing around with the app and trying to figure it all out we ran into a few problems (I realize some of these are quite stupid but we wouldn’t wanna find ourselves stuck with no way to use a data gathered through 2 days of competition because of a minor misclick…):

  • I created a team profile for our team and could not remember the team code I put in afterwards, and was not able to find what to do to restore it…
    I did have a clue and one team member did manage to guess it and get signed in but it was not clear which of her guesses was the right one
  • After she got in I tried figuring out the whole ‘admin, leader, member’ thing and tried figuring what happens if I delete myself. The result was she was the only member in the team and was not able to make any changes to the team profile, therefore she was forced to change the email and phone number listed under her profile to allow her to create a new one to join a new team profile we created
  • After creating this new team profile I kept playing with ‘admin, leader, member’ and made myself a leader instead of the admin and now no one is the admin and there’s no way to change it back (Again I know it’s stupid that I even tried it but we really wanted to test everything to figure out how things work)
  • After submitting some fake match scouting on our own team we couldn’t figure out how to delete the data
  • As the admin and leader, the only person I was able to asign tasks for was myself and not the other members

Sorry for listing all of these in what seems like a negative comment, we really loved the app and its interface and would really love using it in future competitions (the only one we have left for this season is the championship so there’s plenty of time till then).
Thank alot for putting it together and good luck with perfecting it (it already is pretty close to being perfect)

Can you have a type of data point where we can pick multiple options? Like radio buttons, but we should be able to pick multiple answers. Also, can we make some answers optional?

There is no way to do it via the User Interface because the team’s unique code is how it is identified in the server. Have you forgotten the code? If so, I can privately message it to you. If you dislike the code and haven’t really done anything with the team’s settings/users, I can delete the team and let you create a new one. Let me know


I think I might have lost my teams code could you PM it to me?

You can use a series of checkboxes.

Right now, there isn’t a great way to do this, but you can do it like this:

  • Dropdowns / radio buttons - add an N/A option
  • Textboxes - already optional
  • Number boxes - add -1 as an option and use that