Presenting the 2020 FIRST FRC Robotics Competition Overall Scoring Performance Dashboard -- see how your team ranks!

Like the past couple of seasons, Caleb Sykes (data mining genius) and Alicia Bay from 1918 (data viz geek) proudly present you with the Overall Scoring Performance Dashboard for Infinite Recharge.

The first iteration of this dashboard is designed to give you perspective on past performances. Upgrades will continue to occur to this dashboard over the next week to give you insight into your upcoming competitions based on past performances, so keep this link handy. It may be helpful in the coming weeks for pre-scouting and strategy-planning for the early matches at your events.

If a robot has performed in more than one event, the best showing will be plotted on the dashboard for the filters selected at the top of the graph.

Keep in mind that teams continuously improve and modify their robot throughout the season and this dashboard is limited to past performances only. Your team’s match scouting that you collect at your competition will be your #1 source for game strategy and robot evaluations at that competition.

Best of luck to all teams this season!


Here is an analysis that was requested by Chadfrom7226. It shows the trend of overall points scored based on team age.


Does this live-update as events take place?

I’ve always appreciated being able to look at the data the way your tableau dashboards do, so thank you (and Caleb) for the efforts!

Great question. This dashboard will NOT live-updated; it is updated weekly shortly after Caleb Sykes publishes his Scouting Database.

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This is great! Would it to be possible to get a filter to show future events that would show teams past performances? Would be useful to get a quick visualization before heading to an event.

Perfectly timed question – thank you, Alex. That functionality requires a little more work but I was anxious to share what’s been completed so far. I’m in the process of getting that feature added and it should be completed within the next several days.


Bubbles! I love bubbles! These charts are incredible. Thank you for taking time to do these.

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Any idea when the PNW West Valley data will be included? I know Caleb mentioned there is an issue using the data related to the 7 alliance playoff.

Once the PNW West Valley data is in Caleb’s Scouting Database, I’ll update this dashboard. Thanks for keeping us honest!

Awesome stuff as usual! Thanks for making this.

How are you calculating balance points? I’ve noticed some teams that have higher balance points than hanging points. Which shouldn’t be possible if balance points are only credited to robots that were hanging in that match.

I think the balance points are a tad bit off from what appears to be happening on the field. Caleb and I are digging into the data so stay tuned. We’ll update as we peel away the layers.

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Something I’ve noticed is that the FMS will output “level” in the API for matches in which the bar is level but nobody hangs, even though the 15pt bonus is not applied. So it’s possible you’re counting these as level points even though no hang points were earned?

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Nice visualizations as usual @AliciaTBay.

More insight into how scores change with team age can be gleaned from a box plot using rookie year as a direct proxy for team age rather than team number. By binning scoring performances by discrete team age a clearer picture emerges compared to using a linear regression of scoring by team number.

I created a new Scoring by Team Rookie Year Tableau Public workbook by modifying yours. I had to add in another sheet of data with rookie year by team number to blend that into your custom scoring calculations based on Caleb’s data.

This alternative visualization shows pretty clearly that scoring performance increases steadily from 2020 rookie teams up through those that have been around since 2011. Beyond 2011, scoring performance is up and down without a clear trend. It’s interesting how teams founded in some rookie years tend to be doing better this year than other rookie years. For example, why is 2003 so much different than 2004? In any case, the data is showing that scoring does not increase linearly with team age for all team ages.

If you continue to update your workbook after future weeks, you are welcome to grab my modification to your great work and convert to a box plot for scoring by team age.

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Sweet! I love it! The story your box plot tells is a very good one… thanks so much for taking it to the next level.

I have been concentrating on developing pre-scouting data for teams who are still participating in weeks 4-7 and CMPs (if all those still happen considering COVID-19) so it’s great to have another Viz Geek to help carry the load.

It would also be interesting to watch the trends of different aspects of the game throughout the season, Week-over-Week (WOW). So much data, so little time! If only we all could take a paid Leave of Absence from work during FRC competition season. FRC should be enough grounds for taking a Sabbatical :rofl:

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Every team that has 0 hang points also has 0 balance points. My suspicion is that whatever is checking for a hang to reward balance points is checking all of that team’s matches instead of that specific match. So any team that got at least one hang gets rewarded all of the balance points through all of their matches.

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