President's Circle EXTENDED

The deadline for President’s Circle video submissions has been extended to June 25th. I think this is a good move by FIRST, considering that the original May window was filled with AP/IB exams and regular school finals for most FIRSTers.

You can see all the info on the challenge on Youtube at

Does anybody other than Pink and TGM plan on submitting a video?

Thanks for the info, but the deadline is June 25, not July 25th.

Team 228 still plans on entering.

I welcome the deadline extension, but I’d still love to see the time limit pushed up to at least three to five minutes in length. A 30- or 60-second commercial trying to sell you $2 paper towels is one thing, but trying to list all the FLL+FVC+FRC teams you started AND sell a minimum $10,000+ program in that same period of time is quite another.

Even though I would like to have more time I just see it as more “FIRST like” tough rules and constraints, very short time table that makes it seem impossible to do it takes the easy out of it and makes the team really think about what they have to do and how to present it. Just like when they used to do Chairmans videos then went to the 500 word essay, seems impossible to put it all in a short essay but teams always find a way thats FIRST, overcome anything!

Now you know how your sponcers feel when there told you can only buy a 30 sec spot on tv.

66 is doing it. Yup, the same guys that did our safety video, they’re doing the PC Vid… :cool:

This President’s Circle opportunity is something bigger and better than we all originally thought. I’m realizing that it is a pretty cool thing. I’ll explain:

Last week, I was out in Manchester for some supplier meetings. Between talking about kit of parts stuff, I got to talk with John Marchiony and Anne Beaupre about FIRST marketing. (John is Chief Marketing Officer at FIRST) They both were excited about the President’s Circle opportunity and wanted me to help spread the news regarding what it is all about.

When FIRST originally announced the President’s Circle, we all just got back from Atlanta. I forwarded the email blast announcement to the rest of my team, but did not push this opportunity at all. Heck, we were all recovering from the trip and catching up on our normal lives. I’m sure that most teams were in the same mode.

What I heard in Manchester makes me want to have our team take another look. The President’s Circle teams are going to share what they know about starting other teams, but there’s more. Those teams are going to have good access to Paul Gudonis, president of FIRST, and through him to Dean, Woodie, and other key people like Steve Chism, Dave Lavery and others.

FIRST is looking to grant President’s Circle teams access and influence to help meet some big goals and answer big questions regarding the future of FIRST. How often do teenagers get to advise these people? Here is the chance.

On top of that, a chance for team members to go to Kickoff and the Founder’s Reception at Dean’s house is worth the time it will take to make a video good enough for YouTube. I know, for example, that the marketing team saw a video shot on a cell phone and thought it was good enough to be submitted. FIRST is looking for content, not Oscar-quality video. We can do that!

Our team will have another look at this, for sure. Now is our chance to not only help out FIRST, but also provide the students an opportunity to gain some access and help influence FIRST leaders.

Take care,
Andy Baker

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Done and done! :smiley:

Looks great!

Here’s ours if you want to take a peek. :slight_smile:

So, with a little over 12 hours left before the President’s Circle closes to submissions, which other teams will be posting their videos? It appears that there are currently only a few teams who have already submitted (great job all!).

Just like robots during the first few regionals, it has been interesting to see how the submissions are similar, but different. I look forward to seeing the submissions of the procrastinators (of which MOE 365 is one)!

Good luck!

We submitted ours yesterday and it showed up online today.

Our video is about a new website we’re making.

Check out our site at:

Take a minute and see what it’s all about and if you’re interested, please join. There will never be a cost.


Team 1114 kicked it into high gear to complete our video, after making the decision to begin an entry only a week and a half before the extended deadline. Hopefully it protrays everything we hoped it would.

Take a look and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

  • Candice

Ok so here is the question, when do we find out the results?

June 29th according to the extended information video.

Teams who are accepted will be notified on June 29th and a message about the President’s Circle and the results will be sent to the FIRST community on or before July 9th.

…Since I went on vacation before I could finish up 228’s video, and I won’t get back until the 29th, I wasn’t able to submit ours in time. :frowning:

(Although I probably will finish it anyway and post it on YouTube. It’d be too late to win, but I generally like to finish what I start.)

This is a notice to teams 571, 27, and 340.

I don’t think your videos are properly linked as responses to FIRST. (although I’m not sure) You should contact FIRST and make sure that they have seen your submissions. If anyone knows people on these teams please notify them.

We don’t want them to miss out on the fun! :smiley:

Team 571 Team Paragon

Team 340

Team 27

The Pink Team has submitted our video!!

Go check it out at

Also, as the editor I bemoan how YouTube butchers my video, so you can check out a higher quality mirror at (you may have to use File -> Save Page As)

Good luck to everyone!

Does anyone know people on these teams? Just trying to help them out!

Just an update. I see that Team 27 has been linked as a video response and I know that Team 340 has been contacted.

So that leaves Team Paragon, Team 571. Does anyone know them?

Hope everything gets cleared up.