President's Circle Teams Announced

I’m not sure when it happened, but it looks like the President’s Circle teams have been announced:

Congratulations to all those teams!

To make life easier:

That’s some good company to be part of.

38 Chairman’s Awards and 22 Engineering Inspirations between the 21 teams. Very impressive. (I included Championship CA honorable mentions in the tally)

They misspelled our name.:rolleyes:

Holy cow! Check out the Panteras, that videolooks like it could actually be a television commercial!

!Que bueno Panteras! !!!Hicieron una pelicula muy buena!!!

Wow, that is quite a list of teams… A few of them have always stood out to me as “Chairmans teams” (45, 341, 365, 812, 842)

Were national chairmans awards winners allowed to enter?

MOE is on that list.

So yes.

Yes, any team was allowed to enter as it was a community wide process. They were hoping for many teams to enter in so that they could have judging in two steps with peer review on You tube being one. So any team had about the same ability to get into it.

I love the camera angles and movement on everything.


FIRST Objective is also part of the President’s Circle.

A huge congratulations to all the teams in the Circle, you guys deserve it. I’m very proud of my team for being mentioned along with so many legendary and up-and-coming teams.