Press Pulley on 775 vs Redline

I see that Vex has a GT2 pulley with a 775 Shaft Hub (5mm) (PN:217-5871). Is there any reason we can’t press this on a Redline instead? Would it be better on the redline since it has a slightly longer shaft (.307 vs. .346) Is there any other consideration?

They are essentially the same motor. We just pressed some pinions meant for the Redlines onto the 775 Pros and they were perfectly fine. Pressing the pulleys on should work fine.

Actually, while they are quite close in performance, the 775Pro is slightly more powerful, with a freespeed 200RPM lower and a slightly high Max Wattage, if you are trying to get every ounce of power out of your motor, you want the 775Pro, however, for most situations they can be treated interchangeably.

775Pro Motor Curve Data
RedLine Motor Curve Data

According to AndyMark engineers, they are the same.

The RedLine motor and 775Pro are identical in performance. The specs we post are from the manufacturer, and the specs on the VEXPro website are from their dyno testing.

The difference? This one is red and silver.


Does anyone know if Vex will test the redline like they have tested other AndyMark motors?

The Vex motors are dyno tests done by Vex, the AM curves are the data provided by the motor manufacturer. These two sources will produce different data for the same motor. They are not themselves indicative that the motors have any physical differences.

I appreciate you pointing this out. I was going off of pure data, and I guess I was misinformed. Thank you for clearing this up

I can’t wait for Vex to get their hands on the Redline and dyno test the motor just to see how close they are to each other (although it’s pretty confirmed that they are the same motor, or very close)