Pressure Gauge Jumping/Bouncing around

We seem to be having a problem with our pressure gauge. When the compressor is filling up the air tanks, the pressure gauge bounces back and forth as the psi increases.

We have replaced the compressor, the pressure gauge and the tubes; however, the problem remains the same. :ahh: Has anyone had/has this problem or knows whats wrong?

How close is the gauge to the compressor?
If it is close to it, it will read varying pressure when the compressor is on. This is an artifact of how the compressor works. To fix this, just move the gauge farther away from the compressor. You may want to do the same with the pressure switch.

That is normal, no need to worry or do anything about it.

That’s why I have my team place the gauge/switch after the air tank (air physically passes through the air tank). The air tank acts like a damper, and smooths out the pressure.

*Without knowing the location of your gauge and a video of what the gauge is doing, it would be hasty to say it is normal.

Thanks everyone for the feed back! We moved the gauge further away from the compressor and the problem went away!

I’ll take my time, but I’ll also say it’s normal. Without the benefit of video or further description.

With the benefit of the OP’s recent post, it’s no longer hasty: