Pressure Pads

Do they work during autonomous? It would be a great way to stop your robot from doing really stupid stuff!

You just step off the pad, if the robot doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

That would probably NOT be permitted. The only time you’re supposed to leave the pad is to place Tetra’s. Thus, you probably COULDNT without risking disqualification.

No, they do not work durring autonomous. All drivers coaches and human players must be behind the line that is three feet line from the player station.

They made a point of showing that if you step off, the robot becomes disabled, even if you step off accidentally. No disqualification.


That’s a good point. You should just make sure that your human player trusts your drivers…

Well that’s why you also have a “coach” on the field. Those seem like they may be more important this year, given the extra alliance partner. I can see the chaos already… :smiley:

You could probably do it, but it wouldn’t be a very good idea… unless your entire group says "Oh crap, the robot’s gonna crash! BAIL!! :rolleyes:

At which point the driver should stop what he is doing. There is the e-stop at the driver station for the operators to press to deactivate the robot with.

Question answered, move on.