pressure problems

im having problems with getting the pneumatics getting to a pressure of 120 psi. can anyone help?

If your compressor is running and running and you don’t get to 120 PSI, here are three most likely causes:

  1. Air is leaking from a fitting.
  2. Your pressure regulator is installed backward causing air to leak.
  3. I know you think you checked but, trust me, air is leaking from a fitting.

pV = nRT



We had a chronic problem where we could only get 60 psi. Last night we found an allen head set screw in the (KOP) pressure regulator was leaking. It was not tight. A couple wraps of teflon tape and put it back in snug, and now we can get to full pressure. Hope you have the same simple solution, and it doesn’t take two weeks to find it.

We had a similar problem with the standard issue plug for the regulator. We got tired of tightening it and decided to teflon a brass plug and use that. Havent had a problem since

Also check the layout of your pneumatic system. We accidentally put the secondary regulator instead of the primary one, causing our pressure to bottom out consistently at a given PSI.

If your system is getting to 105-110 psi and shutting of, this is normal. The pressure switch is not a precision device. If the compressor never shuts off, then you likely have a leak. On occassion, the vent valve is damaged in manufacture. Try plugging the output of the valve and try again. If you would like, PM me (phone number or email) and I can try to talk you in or come over and help diagnose. Just let me know.