Pressure release question

We have a pneumatics system using a 2 solenoid (center-off) valve. When we open the pressure release valve all of the pressure in the storage tanks as well as in the tubing is released. However, as our piston is after the valve, the air within it is not released (because the valve is closed).

<R73> states that all pressure must be released. Does the air within the piston have to be released also? Does everything have to be relesed by one release valve? If so, how can we plumb the system so that the piston air is released, without rendering the solenoid valve useless.

Attached is a picture of the relevent pneumatics plumbing. pneumatic tubing is done in red, the other color wires are electrical and pwm cables.

Your system is illegal. Center locking valves were banned this year. There is no way to plumb this system(that I know of) to do what the rules require: to release ALL pressure in your robot. Sorry for the bad news :frowning:

You will find 2 alternatives in this thread.