pressure sensor

Im having trouble finding the name and vendor of the analog pressure sensor we received.
Ive searched the Kop checklist and i cant find it, they only have the digital one in there.

Can anyone enlighten me? thanks :confused:

Do you mean the one from the 2004 KOP?

5CP3-7revaPressureSensor.pdf (564 KB)

5CP3-7revaPressureSensor.pdf (564 KB)

Cool, I never knew they gave us analog pressure sensors to use, but now I know, and I believe we still have ours.

Pressure Transducer gives an output based on the input pressure. It could be used to monitor system pressure as shown in the pneumatic schematic or to monitor an individual circuit.

Does anyone have the tech specs for Texas Instruments Pressure Transducer? Or even the equation for what the signal is out of the sensor based on pressure that is being inputted. :cool:

You’ll see an analog input value of from ~100 to ~920 based on the pressure
Analog reading = (0.625*Pressure psi +10) / 100 * 1023
or in integer math terms:
Pressure = ((long)analog value * 100,000 / 1023 - 10,000) / 625
or somewhat simplified:
Pressure = (((long)analog value * 98) - 10,000) / 625

you get the picture.

Here are the specs and the voltage vs. pressure charts from the original Texas Instruments presentation.

TI_Pressure_Transducer.pdf (26.9 KB)

TI_Pressure_Transducer.pdf (26.9 KB)

Does anyone know any vendors for the pressure transducer?