Pressure Switch: Ordering a Spare

Can someone please verify if this is the pressure switch If it isn’t could you please point me in the right spot, we’d really like to get a few more. I searched and couldn’t find anything in another thread.

Isn’t the pressure switch a Texas Instrament this year? If not check the product name and its # go to the vendors site and punch it in, if they wont let you order it there you can at least look for a local retailer

No the TI item is the pressure transducer. I will try to get a art number and retailer for the preesure switch that shuts off the compressor at 120psi and on at 95psi. Thats what you are looking for correct?

The texas intruments thing is to check how much pressure is left in the tanks. The one he is talking about is the one that turns off the compressor when it reaches 120 psi. I know because we had it wired wrong. When you wire it make sure that the compressor is connected directly to the spike relay and that the pressure switch is connected into a digital i/o on the rc. Looks the same besides the color.

you may not need this but what you would want to do to program that is:

1)connect one terminal to the ground on the digital in, the other to SIG
2)Wire your compressor up on a Spike
3) Optional In the code, set macros for the dig in (ex CompSwitch) and the relay out(ex Compressor)
4) Write code

     Compressor = 1;
     Compressor = 0;