Pressure Switch

Right now I have a compressor continuously running. How do I add a pressure switch so it shuts off at a certain psi. This is what my code looks like so far (ignore the Digital Modules). Thanks!


Here is my code.



A pressure switch should be wired up to DIO 1 as your code specifies.
One wire to signal, the other wire to ground.
This switch is preset to turn off around 115psi and back on at 95psi.

Okay cool, so I wouldn’t have to add in any code, just wire the switch to DIO 1?

Yep, your code looks complete.

Thank you, you have really been a great help (with all of these questions I’ve been asking). I really appreciate it!

*Does the pressure switch calibration need to be checked and adjusted this year?

There is no adjustment on the pressure switch.

You might be thinking of the pressure relief valve which has to be adjusted to 125psi.

Yeah, my bad. That’s what I was thinking of.

The problem was a bad connection between the sidecar and the spike. All is well now. Thank you everyone.