Pressure switch

When we turn our robot on the compressor turns on and the air goes right through the pressure switch and out the faucet even though the tank is empty and there is no pressure in the system.
Anyone know why it happens and how to fix it? thanks in advance

The metal piece on the end isn’t the pressure switch, it’s the manual safety release valve. Right now it’s in the open state, meaning all the air in your system is being dumped, just like you described. You want to turn the knob on the valve 90 degrees to close the valve and build pressure. The pressure switch is the black cylinder on the other side of the gauge with the wires attached.

Your valve is in the open position. Turn the silver handle until it is across the valve body instead of in line with the valve body. This is a standard for valves, open when in line and closed when across the valve body. Water valves, gas valves, etc. all adhere to this standard.

You have to turn the handle on the valve so it is perpendicular to the flow.

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