Pressure Transducers and Pneumatic Changes

This year R83 has been modified to allow pressure transducers on the high side of the robot. Does anyone have any recommendations for what to use? I know that in 2004 in the KoP FIRST included the 5CP3 but I have been unable to find a seller.

It also seems that FIRST has been removing many pneumatic restrictions this year. Along with the transducer, R77 has been modified to allow higher flow solenoids, R82 no longer requirers the Norgren regulator, and R86 you do not need a regulator always on the robot.

5CP3-7revaPressureSensor.pdf (564 KB)

5CP3-7revaPressureSensor.pdf (564 KB)

We used a SPT25 from automation direct on cyber young, works great but it’s a little expensive.

We last used anSSI Technologies Inc transducer, also a pretty penny at $87, but less than the SPT25.
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