Previous Season Chassis Parts Legality (was: Help!)


My team and I were originally going to try out swerve but we weren’t able to get that down in time so we decided to go back to tank for this season. We didn’t opt for getting the drive train kit from the kit of parts due to us decided after kickoff that we didn’t want to use swerve. AndyMark is sold out of the chassis.

Does anyone know if we’re able to use a drive train chassis from a past season (after changing the dimensions and taking it apart)?


if andymark still sells it then yes you can but you will have to put in your bom rather than ignoring it as if it was from kop

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If the frame was modified then you cannot use it. If it was never modified and you took it apart and returned it to as it was received from AM last year, then you can use it… Worse case, perhaps you can order the portions you have modified/cut from AM and not the entire kit.


@TikiTech has this correct, by my understanding of the rules.

That said, I don’t know what you’re talking about: the AM14U4 is in stock, as is the frame only which might be more economical if you’ve got old gearboxes and belts you can plunk in. Were you searching for the (now-surely-retired) AM14U3 instead?

edit to add: Full disclosure, I used to work at AndyMark.

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Thank you so much!