Previous season Team 254 Shirts for sale

I’m selling these shirts for $25/ shirt (all size Medium)
1 2018
1 2016-2017 VEX shirt
2 world champion 2018 shirt
1 2017 world champion shirt

I’m also selling a black Cheesy Poofs 20 year anniversary for $40.
Leave a comment or message me if you are interested in buying!




Just added that in. They’re all Medium.

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possibly interested in a 2018 WC shirt, could I see a picture? @AndresIbarra

Could we get pictures of each? I’m interested in the 2018 shirt.

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interested in any

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I’d be interested in the 2018 or 20th anniversary.

2017 champs front and back:

2018 champs:

2017 shirt:

2018 shirt:

20 Year Anniversary Hoodie Front and Back:

Just posted the pictures in a reply!

Posted the pictures in a reply!

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I’ll buy the 2018 or the 20 year anniversary

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