Previous Years' Rules

I’d like to know where can I find the previous years’ rules, we were rookies on 2004 competition and we’ve found only the 2003 and 2004 rules and documentation.


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You may want to scour the Wayback Machine ( with the address…you might be able to get something there.

If not, I’m sure between all of us we’ve got them saved somewhere.

Good luck!

Here’s a little description of 2002

Thx a lot, I’ll take a look!

I’m organizing a robotics competition and it’s not bad to have more ideas.

If you have more info and files, pls, mail me or post here!

I’ve got rules from 2002 in pdf format (robot and game sections are less than 100 kb each) - PM me with your e-mail address and I’ll send them to you. I may have 2001 at home as well - all I have at work are the team updates.

Here’s a great team site that gives an overview of previous competitions:

and here’s a thread that talks about some of the earlier competitions:

I’ll check the websites.

I have the 1999 rules, in the original binder. I will be scanning them (or at least parts of them). Are there any areas you are specially interested in, so that I can scan those first?

I’d like the game and arena parts, the other areas aren’t necessary.

Thx a lot!!

Go HERE. Click on the History pulldown menu, and pick a year.

It’s not complete, nor is it the original source for the competition documents, but good enough for a general overview.

edit: Drawings and colored top views of the arena are included on those pages.

Thx for the website, it’ll help a lot!

I’ve updated the FIRSTwiki to (at a minimum) include links to
descriptions of each game.

And with that… it may change soon… (Maybe)
We have a webteam meeting this weekend to discuss upcoming chages we want to see. lol
I’ll try and repost this if it changes drastically, or archive the info on my site which I may start this weekend…

Here’s a few…