PRi3D of the North

Hey everyone! We are PRi3D of the North, a brand new Ri3D (Robot in 3 Days) team at the University of North Dakota. We are very excited for the upcoming season! Check us out on social media and be sure to tune in this weekend to watch our build session stream on twitch and our YouTube channel for daily updates!

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Facebook Page: PRi3D of the North
Instagram: @pri3dofthenorth
Twitter: @Pri3dN
Twitch: PRi3D of the North

If you want to connect with us, be sure to check out our social media or send us an email at!

Best of luck in the upcoming season!


Do you guys have a CAD file of your shooter pt.2 that you posted on YouTube?

I am sorry to report that we simply did not have enough time to create CAD files for our mechanisms.

Any details on the ratio/motors on the shooter? Looks like a really effective solution.

1:1 gear ratio on 2 775 pros. 75% throttle will get you about the distance from the back side of the “wheel of fortune”. The ball has about 1 inch of compression while being shot. We noticed that the robot will take a large amp hit when the ball is shot, so we had to amp limit the motor through the Talon SRX to not trip the snap action breakers. I recommend running them on 40 amp breakers.

A little on the design and material.
Side plates are 1/4" polycarb.
The supports are all-thread rods with nuts on both sides of polycarb.
Outside wheels are 6 inch AndyMark HiGrip Wheels Blue wheels.
Middle wheel is 4 inch AndyMark HiGrip White Wheel.
Not sure on the distance from middle of axle to back plate, but i know its equidistant around that axle to the back plate.

On the software side distance can be controlled with an encoder and velocity control. With the relatively flat trajectory it is very forgiving on the “sweet spot” you have to be on the field to hit your target. Keep the speed high, the trajectory flat and you have a lot of buffer for distance to hit your target.

If you have any other questions feel free to post them here.

I recommend putting Ri3D in the title of your videos, it makes it a bit easier for people to find the videos