Primo 4586 Israeli rookies all star 2013 need help

team number 4586 need help we come to st. Louis and we need some batteries we get two and we need three more if any team fom the us can help us that’ll be great :slight_smile:
Primo 4586

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To clarify: Israeli teams can’t take batteries with them to the US (due to US federal laws). FIRST makes sure every team from Israel recieves two batteries when they get to the venue at CMP, which as you all know isn’t nearly enough.

The same situation holds for teams 4320 (the Jokers), 2630 (Thunderbolts), 1577 (Steampunk), 3211 (The Y-Team), 3339 (BumbleB).

I believe that all the Israeli teams has this problem… and I’m sure that a lot of American team would like to help you with that as they helped us a year ago :slight_smile: