Printable Control Panel Files

A friend of mine (@Big_Kid) showed a few of us on a group chat a picture of his printed out control panel vinyl. I asked him if he would be willing to share the files on CD and he obliged.

This is what he said about the files:

I have attached the control panel vinyl file in 3 file formats for your use. It has a quarter-inch gutter space around the entire perimeter with a black line to follow while cutting or to use a plotter with a built-in cutter with.

Control Panel PDF Format

Control Panel Illustrator Format

Control Panel EPS Format


Thanks for this! Be careful, everyone, as printers vary. You’ll likely have to do some color matching if you print these out.

This is just the top, right? We’d have to mirror this for the bottom?

Very true. The colors are the exact ones defined by FIRST, but there will always be variations in printers.

And thank you for adding this to your wiki!

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This is correct. I could ask him to make the mirrors if there is a need for them.

Thanks for this! (I made my own earlier today, but your pattern is a bit better.)
Have sent this pattern to an inexpensive vinyl banner printer (bannersonthecheap) that has done reliable color printing for me in the past. Will check the color hues and print quality when I get the final result and report back.

Hi all, for those that do not have access to a vinyl printer, or do not wish to kill their ink stocks, you can purchase a pre-made sticker here.

My friend was able to make the flipped version as well and incorporate them both in the same file. See updated versions below.

Robotics_ColorWheel_Both.pdf (755.0 KB) (1.5 MB)
Robotics_ColorWheel_Both.eps (6.4 MB)

Control Panel Top & Bottom PDF Format

Control Panel Top & Bottom Illustrator Format

Control Panel Top & Bottom EPS Format