Printer cables

So when the pit announcer says “Team 1234 needs a printer cable”, I think every mentor over the age of 40 (me) is picturing one of these: and thinking to themselves “ummm… what?”


Hey now, don’t come for parallel ports. Back when parallel ports and PS/2 keyboards and mice were a thing in middle school, a couple friends and I had a cottage industry of setting up teachers’ newly-arrived-from-the-district-warehouse computers. Not that we were getting paid or anything, but getting to play with computers in the late 1990s was reward enough.


I mean I think we might have some of those from our time of using a c-rio but we never bring them to comps

How about in the early 80’s having to hack printer drivers into a CPM 1.4 operating system (oh yeah, and building my own printer cable!)

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I thought that I was the only one.

I had the hardest time moving from keyboard strokes to mouse movement.
I remember when Windows ran on top of MS-DOS.

I remember the nightmares of not crossing the wires correctly!

Yeah… It really bugs me that USB Type B Cables have become known as “printer cables”… Not just in personal speech, but in listings on Amazon and other store fronts as well.

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My first printer was an old selectric type writer with a serial interface.

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I can’t think how many different printer and plotter cables I used before USB “square b” and network connections became such wide standards; the parallel DB 25 to Centronics 36 was about the only one I used for more than one or at most two different printers. And yes, I made several printer cables myself.

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