Printer Problem

I’ve got an interesting question…

I’m currently at Western Michigan University, and my roommate and I are both using laptop computers, but neither of us have a printer. I have been debating purchasing a USB printer, I don’t have much money, so it’s not going to be a spectacular model, but I feel it’ll get the job done.

Here’s the question:

If I purchase the printer, which has one USB port on it…would it be possible for both my roommate and I to purchase USB cable, and plug both of our cables into one of those “USB Hubs”, and run a single cable from the hub to the printer? If so, what do I need? and if not, what can I do to have a similar setup?


I would just save money and buy one printer, one usb cable. All you have to do is install the software for the printer on each laptop, and since you said you both have laptops just keep the printer in one spot and move the laptops to print stuff. Works for my brother and I.

Thanks for the suggestion…I plan to go about it in that fashion if what I am trying to accomplish does not work. Moving laptops and cables around is tedious, and you know just as well as I do…college students are lazy!

I had my roomate make his printer shared and I found his printer on the network and as long as his computer is on, I can print to it without having to switch cables or anything.

I think what you were planning might work, but i think that you’ll find it will take much longer to print. It’ll be a much more complicated process.

ink-jets are prety cheap
i would just get a new one