printf issue

Hey teams,
We have connected the controller via the 9pin cable to our pc.
We tried to put printf(“test”); se we could test the communication between the controller and our pc. we downloaded (I guess successfully via the IFI loader) it to the controller and saw nothing on our terminal…

Can anyone help us?

Thanks & Good luck!

To solve this one I think we’ll need more information. Can you tell us in what function and which file you put the printf?

Hey, thanks for replying so fast, our problem has been solved, by Connecting the controller directly via cable (not via radio) to the interface. .

Thanks and good luck!!!

where in the code did you put the printf statement?

did you #include <stdio.h>?


Bah, too slow!

That’s great Max. An important tip to other teams experiencing similar problems. The printf function prints data out the program port on the robot controller. The radios are connected to the Robot Controller and the Operator Interface, allowing them to communicate.

It is possible to connect a personal computer to the Operator Interface through the Dashboard port. The possibilities with the Dashboard port are limited to the communication specification for the Dashboard port. More information on the Dashboard port, including a sample application can be found on the IFI website here.

Make sure you also include the line ending (printf("test

You just need the \r, not the
(at least as of a few years ago).