when we download our program to the robot, an output window pops up with all the outputs. is there a way to print all of those outputs. Even better, is there a way to redirect the printf command to make it save to a file or print straight to the printer instead.

REPLY A.S.A.P. pls!!

Disable the terminal from the IFI loader, and use hyperterminal or some other program.

where exactly can i get this hyperterminal program because i’ve been searching everywhere and can’t find it anywhere and pls explain the procedure if possible.


It should be preinstalled on your windows machine if running windows.

look in the Start Menu under “Accessories” - it’s probably in the subfolder “Communication” or some other such name.

If you didn’t install something (like network services or something) it might not have it.
I have a hunch that it’s plain COM transmissions (ANSII). When I get home, I’ll post COM Logger, Something I made to log what is recieved on COM to a file. Expanding Functionality to, say, a text box would be fairly straight forward. Plus, I’m on break 'till Monday.

[Edit]The upload is the zipped version of COMM_Logger. It saves only to a file, probably has some bugs, but works. (E-mail me bug reports)[/edit] (10.4 KB) (10.4 KB)

Once I get my computer back up I’ll have a post with the settings HyperTerminal. (I left the power cables to my computer in my dad’s car.)

thanx a lot. i’ll test out this program tomorrow and i’ll send u any bugs that need to be fixed.
thanx a lot