Printing to scale on a large format printer

I have seriously underestimated how much work it is to get a workable image out of onshape. Here is our situation.

We have a full field design in onshape (two competing designs actually) ready to print on a large format printer. We want to print the field at a scale of 1:5 so we can play through the game with mini bots.

However, I cannot figure out a workflow to do this. If I were to do this in illustrator with a regular vector drawing, I would just import the vector drawing into Photoshop in a custom-sized canvas to the desired size, then save it as a pdf.

However, I forgot that Onshape is not a vector graphics program, it is CADD. So, I figured out how to get a drawing of the top view, but the paper sizes are way too small. Does anyone have any advice on how to accomplish this?

Make a drawing. Turn off the simplification and then export as pdf. It’ll spit out a vector document.

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Thank you. That worked perfectly.

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