Printing values to user messages box

Very simple question, whose answer I cannot figure out. I am using a CAN bus system to control the speed of my motors. I think it is working but I want to display the value of the encoder in the user messages box. How exactly do I accomplish this? Currently only text is showing up in the messages box.

DriverStationLCD is lcd

my code:

lcd->Printf(DriverStationLCD::kUser_Line3, 1, "Rate: ", shooterOne->GetSpeed);


You need to use standard printf formatting.

Your line should be something like:
lcd->Printf(DriverStationLCD::kUser_Line3, 1, “Rate: %f”, shooterOne->GetSpeed**()**);

Also, calling the Clear() method first tends to prevent weird overwriting problems that muddle the output.

I put the parentheses after GetSpeed, I just forgot them here. I did not have %f, however. I’ll try it out tomorrow.

Thank you.

EDIT: It worked perfectly, thanks