Priority Lists

We haven’t completed ours yet but this is a Thread to post your Priority List if you want to.

Yes everybody, please posts your lists in here.

Max allowed of anodized 1/2" shaft collars.

listen i shouldn’t be telling you all this but now is the time to buy as many of these as you can, trust me

No no no, you’ve got to get all of these

We’re going to have lots of desk lamps on our STEAMWorks robot.

Please, we’ll all need these since they’re so rare to find in the KoP, but so useful with their innovative power input placement.

We’re probably just going to stock up on these.

Edit: Sniped by my own teammate.

We are planning on getting 150 of these -

Not sure what they are actually used for but lets be real they make awesome necklaces.

Aren’t those just the used pins for holding defenses in place?

Those are actually super useful. They’re a flexible shaft coupling. I’d kill for a .5" hex version.

1678 has already figured out how to use them to score the max auto in 2017, probably.

2 anchor bolt auto anyone?

But what really can you do with those that you can’t with these,
and here get more for your $.

Too bad there are no bench grinders in first choice.

We got a bunch of those one year. We ended up cutting off the coupling and using them as shaft collars. They worked great!

For teams that have used the Navx. what did you use it for? is it worth it for 100 credits?

Hey all,

does any team have experience with using this product?? FREELIN-WADE BLUE TUBING (FC17-043) Also, does this company make solid core?? I took a quick look while on break from teaching so any knowledge would be helpful.


That is pneumatic tubing and we all use it…for pneumatics.
Sometimes as a short coupler between an encoder and a rotating shaft.

Are you looking for something like polycord?

Our strategy:
Get a bunch of these to keep the students amused while the adults build the robot.