Priority Lists

Although I hate the fact that we have to go through a lottery in an impacted area, I love the strategy of it.

Curious what everyone entered as their priority list.

We’re hoping to get one of these;

For 4607:

  1. Northern Lights Regional
  2. Lake Superior Regional
  3. Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional
  1. Ventura
  2. San Diego/ LA North
  3. San Diego / LA North

I’m not sure which between San Diego and LA North we priotized higher.

I was going to correct you and say “Medtronic Foundation Regional,” but it looks like the website still lists it as 10,000 Lakes. Either FIRST’s systems take > 1 year to update, someone made a mistake, or the name has changed back already.

  1. MBR
  2. CVR (waitlist)
  3. SAC

Orange County
Aerospace Valley
Las Vegas

I see what you’re doing here. You’re trying to get me to post my priority list so you can swoop in and steal my spot at CHS events!

Clever girl.

For 5826

North Star
10k Lakes
Lake Superior
Northern Lights

Hoping we can do a Mpls and a Duluth event because the other options for a second event for us involve either daunting travel or back to back events. Neither are healthy.

T. Wolter

Yeah, CHS has enough 9XX teams coming in from out of district to sandbag.

LA is our home event (and this year it’s actually the closest), so top priority and waitlist. After that, see what we can grab before then. (After last year we’re trying to avoid Week 5 and Week 6 events.)

I had to do the double-take myself, but you never know from year to year!

Arizona West

There is a chance we might go to a second event this year though!

The Bayou Regional is our home regional and a must attend. So that gets a top priority and wait list.

For the second round, we will be selecting the Rock City Arkansas regional as our top priority and wait list; if Rock City doesn’t pan out we will be looking at Rocket City and Smokey Mountain as backup choices. But we really like to have 2 weeks between events.

My choices,

San Francisco & Sacramento

If not …

Any west coast event during weeks 3 and 4 that is willing to have us…

Here is our first round “priority” list if you wanna call it that. It’s pretty short and sweet :smiley:

  1. San Diego (waitlist)

We’ve been every year since our rookie year and I’m pretty sure it’s our home regional so no reason to end our attendance streak now; what interests me is once teams get their first-round regionals, who will be coming down ::rtm::

  1. Ventura
  2. LA North
  3. Orange County

Ventura is our home regional, and we’d love to minimize on travel costs so we’re also looking to LA North. But that doesn’t leave a lot of time between events, so OCR was still a possibility…

C’mon down to LA. New event in 3, new venue in 4. Your choice–assuming they don’t both fill up in Round 1 like the last 10* years.

*Hyperbole. I think it’s only like 4 or 5.

  • San Francisco (waitlist)
  • Silicon Valley
  • Monterey Bay

We love SFR because its a week 3, on the smaller side, and pretty close to us (1.25hr bus ride each way, but that means no hotels so we’ll take it). Silicon Valley is an absolute blast, and we’re not too worried about it being one of the more competitive events in the area. MBR is 3rd because we really want a second play, and we’re willing to go back to back if we need to. We’re hoping for the 3/5, but 3-4 or 4-5 is doable-ish.

Why is that?

Probably due to the challenges of planning a Worlds trip on that tight schedule.

For first round, we have North Star as first priority and 10K as second. For second round, we’re either going to Duluth or Midwest.