Prize Thread 3:Teach Genia How to be Less Gullible

It started with this:

[11:14] Yummmmmmmm GLOMP: how do I stop being gullible?
[11:14] Stephen Yanczura: uh…idk we’ll work on that in atlanta
[11:14] Yummmmmmmm GLOMP: should I post a thread on it?
[11:14] Stephen Yanczura: lol if it tickles you

So, I am in a really generous mood today, and if anything I really need to stop believing everything people try to tell me. Needless to say, nobody is honest enough to tell me where “GULLIBLE” is written on my shoes. I still haven’t figured it out…:stuck_out_tongue:

So present your solutions for a prize.

Yes, I’m home sick. >_<

  • Genia

Here’s some tips.

  • The sky is not falling.
  • There is most likely nothing on your back.

But, I have a feeling that no matter what, Genia, you will always be gullible. :rolleyes:
Don’t feel bad about it though; that’s what we love about you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Give me the prize, then I’ll show you how not to be gullible…


that was bound to happen to be honest…
also remember that when somoene says that you owe them something, you never do…

Just never believe anyone or anything until they prove it to you. If they somehow prove it to you and it still isn’t true, at least a lot of other people are as gullible as you. Just make people prove everything and you won’t have a problem at all. Now, what’s my prize :smiley: .

Why, Genia, the answer is right here.

Your link doesn’t work. It takes me right back to the thread. I clicked on it a few times. Maybe it’s my computer freezing up?

I’d say tkwetzel is winning so far.

Well, lets look at the real source of the problem, the people lying to you. Why would they lie? Either to trick you and laugh, or to get something out of it. So, think to yourself, “if I believe this, and the person admits he was lying, would it be funny?” and “if I believe this, will the person get something unfairly out of it?”

Well, that’s like Tkwetzel’s but with added effort. :wink: Let’s have some competitive spirit guys. And I was uh…just playing along…right…shifty eyes.

That was out of the normal style though, so you gotta give me that.

That was a very mean trick Billfred. :rolleyes:
We’re supposed to be helping her! Unless you consider experience a teacher. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love you geniaa!! lol im gullable too so i cant help ya there lol i thnk i should get the prize with having the best solution lol

Dont trust people.

Thats all you need.