Hello everyone,

My team recently acquired a pro arm RS 2200 from 1991. THe manuals i have read say it runs on a software called PK TEACH. however i have been unable to find the software online. Does anyone know of this product or where i can get this software.

David Gibson
Student team 501

I’m somewhat familiar with the RS arms and I don’t think you’ll have much luck running it even if you do find the software as it’s probably designed for a late 1980’s DOS system. Your best bet if your really committed to making it work is to rip out the existing control board and use a arduino with a couple stepper drivers to run it.

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We have one of these (our board was donated a bunch years ago) and did exactly this. Its not too hard either. It taught us a lot about stepper motors in the process too. If you’re interested, I’ll see if I can grab some photos of it next time I’m in the shop.

Hey guys, I know this is an old thread, but I thought I’d pop in here. I am the author of the PKTeach software of which you speak. A Pro-Arm user recently contacted me in search of the software. As it turns out, I still have the last binary file and yes, you cannot run it under a 64 bit operating system.

I have successfully launched the old executable under FreeDos running in a virtual machine, and I suspect you can also run it under DosBox on Windows.

I have placed the binary file, along with some supporting files on github at In the near future I will be posting the source code as well. I am looking to see if I have all of the tools to rebuild the executable, but no promises on that.

The arduino solution sounds pretty cool.

Anyway, if you have any interest in the PKTeach software, go on over to github and download the last built version. You’ll also find a PDF version of the manual that accompanied the robot, compliments of ETG, the company that now owns the Marcraft brand name. They no longer sell the robot, but they have been known to help people who contact them about it as they are able.

I am friends with their CEO and he is a good guy. We’ve spoken recently and like me, his is thrilled that people are finding use in something we worked on so long ago.

Good luck with the PKTeach software if you choose to use it. Feel free to contact me via github if you have questions or suggestions.

Peter S. Lee
Author of the PKTeach software