Pro/E Models Available to Non-Educational Versions?

I’m not entirely sure why PTC decided to do this, but I use Creo Parametric 2.0 in a professional capacity and have access to a licensed copy of the system through my work. Unfortunately it seems that the models provided by PTC are limited to educational versions. The specific error is “The file “XXX” was created using an educational version of Creo Parametric and is not compatible with the version of Creo Parametric you are running.”

Is there a way to access these files without using the non-PTC versions?

Hi, sorry about that. We do not offer Commercial CAD files for FIRST. All the teams are provided with a Student version of Creo for FREE and that is why we only provide the models in Student version.

If you already have Creo 2.0 installed and licensed as a Commercial product, you can simply request access to Creo 2.0 Student and install the license file for it. There is nothing different in the software installation, just the licensing.

Once configured, you can create individual startup commands or chose which license to run at startup.

You can learn more at or go the FIRST resources page on @

Okay, that seems easy enough. So as a mentor should I download the Student version or the Academic version? Should I use the address of the school or my own work address in the application?

Fill out the form as a mentor/student for your FIRST team and we will email you the details on install and licensing. You don’t need to download the software since you already have it. Just use the information in the email to install the student license and you should be all set.