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Hi guys!
Can anyone suggest me a way to change dimension of assembled parts and regenerating it to the new dimensions?
For Example - How to change length of channel after forming the basic chassis assembly and regenerating it to the new dimension

in the assembly, you can pick an individual object by right clicking and “activating” it. This will gray out everything else and bring up your part tools. If you then right click on it and say “edit” you should see the major constraining dimensions. changing them and then activating the top assembly should bring you back and everything should auto regenerate. If for some reason it doesn’t you can regenerate by clicking the icon on the top bar with the 3 green boxes and circular blue arrow.

Thanks for your help!
Can you tell me how to assemble the chain assembly onto the wheel sprokets and toughbox sprocket?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi Murthy,

You can create a sketched curve that goes around the two sprockets, much like the chain would do when assembled.

You would use this curve to assemble the chain to the assembly. The first link would constraint to the curve using a planar joint. The other links would be assembled via pin joint or another mechanism joint.

I have attached a short video of how a chanin can move on a curve and the Pro/E models.

Take a look and give it a try. Let me know if you need help.

Mark (936 KB) (777 KB) (936 KB) (777 KB)

Hello Mark !
I tried doing the curve for the sprocket.but I’m still unable to assemble the first link of chain to it.Can you guide me through any step by step tutorial or suggest and web resource that can help me do this task ?.
Waiting to hear from you !


Greg is right on, but another option is to change the select type in the bottom right corner from Smart to Feature. When you double click on a feature now, the dimensions will show up allowing you to change as mentioned above!

Hi there !
I tried assembling the chain members as per the instructions.Since i have a longer curve it really takes a whole lot of time to regenerate.I also wonder if we have to constrain all the members of chain with a slot mechanism (each) to the curve ?.

Or is it enough to just constraint the first member of the chain. My model freezes up due to large number of members each having 2 pins joints ( to connect to other members) and 2 datum points per member being constrained to the curve through slot mechanism.