Problem changing channel on 2006 OI

We are at a festival this weekend with teams 63 and 291, and neither 63 nor ourselves can change our channel from 40. We have done this numerous times before, and even looked up the procedure again to check ourselves… and we can’t see anything wrong with what we are doing, yet there has to be something, because it is not working. We tether the bot, switch all the necessary dips on the OI, and then reset everything; in the past, this has worked, but now it doesn’t. Any suggestions as to what we might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,


Have you tried tethering, setting the dip switches, and redownloading the master code and then the user code?


Nay… the programming laptop is down at the moment, is there any way we could get around doing this?

Hmm…none that I can think of…unless you have a standard FIRST field setup :p…this is how I’ve always done it.

When you say “all the necessary dips”, which ones do you mean? The leftmost switch of the team number must be flipped in order to enable the alternate radio channels.

(I’m pretty sure that even though the OI shows a team number greater than 2048, the actual team number on the transmitted data stream hasn’t changed, so you shouldn’t really have to use the tether. But I might be wrong.)

Ahhh, Thank you… for whatever reason, when I read that paragraph over and over, I replaced MSB with LSB in my head… Thank you =-)