Problem Debugging as a Stand-Alone project

I have not been able to debug a stand-alone, run-on-startup, robot project through the menu Operate ->Debug Application or Shared Library. (Not the standard debugging, which I have no problem with).

I think I’ve followed all the instructions: debug enable in build, vi server TCP enabled on the cRIO - set to port 3580, etc., re-built, deployed all, correct ip, firewall off to be safe…). The PC sends a request for a list of debuggable apps, but the cRIO won’t respond to the request.

The message is “Failed to lookup debuggable applications or shared libraries”, which means no response from the cRIO. I have no problem getting the System Manager to connect - which also uses port 3580. (I don’t try to do both at the same time.)

I’ve posted on the FRC forum and NI forum, but can’t get any answers as to whether this feature is disabled on our system, or whether I’m missing a setting.


I don’t recall seeing your posts either on the FRC Control system forums or the NI FIRST community? Perhaps you could post links to those posts.

A while back, I tried the same thing for about 5 minutes, then gave up. Good luck getting it working.


Here are both links:


You might have better luck with the NI FIRST community rather then the plain NI forums.