Problem downloading code

Hi, I’m new to VEX, and I’m having problems downloading code to the controller. When I turn the controller on, it has a blinking or solid green light. I click Download on IFI Loader, and it says to hold down the PROG Button until the light becomes solid orange. I’ve been doing that, and nothing has been happening. Has this happened to anyone? Do you know the solution? :confused:

Are you pressing the program button BEFORE you hit download? Also, make sure that you have securely attached the cable into both the computer and the controller. In addition to that, make sure that the proper port is set in IFI Loader. I’ve made that mistake far too many times.

I hope that helps. Sometimes it’s the silliest mistake that is causing the problem. :slight_smile:

You’re right. It is the silliest problem. I think I’m pressing the PROG button after I press Download. Thanks, I’ll pressing it before, and I’ll come back with results.

Thanks. The code downloaded. Everything’s working.

I have a download problem but different type. When I turn on the controller, the PGRM Status light is solid green. I noticed that when power is applied to my other unit the PGRM Status light does not come on. I am able to download to this second controller using the same computer and settings. Any thoughts? Thanks.

How old is the second unit? Stupid answer, but maybe the light’s burnt out. I can’t think of any reason to worry about it if it downloads and runs properly.

If it’s not that, I’m not sure.

I don’t think the issue is with the PGRM Status light - the light is off on all other controllers that I’ve seen download OK. It appears the by the light being on, it is indicating some type of error.