Problem. Error loading robotpy to RoboRio

Good day. We are getting this message when uploading python to RobotRio:
Using the pip (terminal) installer. Getting message that the RoboRio has version 2023 _v3.2 but need to have the lower version 2023_v3.1. Anyone has fix please :slight_smile:

This is the output:

C:\Users\nycdoe>py -3 -m robotpy_installer install robotpy
16:04:12:044 INFO : robotpy.installer : RobotPy Installer 2023.0.2
16:04:12:045 INFO : robotpy.installer : → caching files at C:\Users\nycdoe\wpilib\2023\robotpy
16:04:12:048 INFO : robotpy.installer : → using existing config at ‘C:\Users\nycdoe.installer_config’
16:04:12:049 INFO : robotpy.installer : Finding robot for team 3760
16:04:12:072 INFO : robotpy.installer : → Robot is at
16:04:12:074 INFO : robotpy.installer : Connecting to robot via SSH at
16:04:12:217 INFO : paramiko.transport : Connected (version 2.0, client OpenSSH_8.3)
16:04:12:354 INFO : paramiko.transport : Auth banner: b’NI Linux Real-Time (run mode)\n\nLog in with your NI-Auth credentials.\n\n’
16:04:12:356 INFO : paramiko.transport : Authentication (password) successful!
16:04:12:447 INFO : robotpy.installer : → RoboRIO image version: 2023_v3.2
Error: RoboRIO image 2023_v3.1 is required! Use --ignore-image-version to install anyways

Thank you.

If you use --ignore-image-version you’ll be fine. I’ll push an update shortly so one doesn’t need to do that, forgot to update with the latest image version.

robotpy-installer 2023.0.3 should no longer give this error.

Thank you for the help. I will try it this afternoon.

Good day. Ok sorry but I tried downloading the new robotpy-installer but didn’t find 2023.0.3. I am new to this how do I use the --ignore-image-version command?

This should upgrade robotpy-installer for you, it’s definitely published on pypi

py -3 -m pip install -U robotpy-installer

When you deploy or install just add --ignore-image-version to the end of the command line:

py -3 -m robotpy_installer install robotpy --ignore-image-version
py -3 deploy --ignore-image-version

Thank you so much. That worked.

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