problem getting motor control with the 2012 default code

I loaded the default 2012 Labview code to my team’s last year’s robot, but all of the sidecar functions (relay, DIO, PWM) do not work. I testted setting a solenoid and that turned on and off, but I could not set the pwm motor controller that was on the sidecar.

Any ideas of what I am doing wrong? The wiring seems to be correct, and I am practically using the default code.

Did you rearrange the hardware modules in last year’s cRIO?
Did you reimage last year’s cRIO?

The digital module now belongs and is expected by the code to be in slot 2.
And the 2012 default code expects the 2012 image on the cRIO.

I had the crio modules set for last years configuration ( DIO module in slot 4). I changed the DIO module to slot 2 and the robot ran just fine! Thanks.