Problem in awards submission

Hi there!
I was going to submit our safety animation video to the award in the, but when we try to open the submission page, it shows that the page is not working (“ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS”). Does anyone know how to solve this?

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Hi, I am also having this issue, did you or someone else find a solution?


Hey! I’m also having this issue, has anyone found a solution?

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hi, we’re also having this issue! any updates on how to solve it?

For anybody asking:

Have you checked that you are assigned as a submitter on the Dashboard? If your Lead Mentor hasn’t done that, then you will have problems for sure. I don’t know if this particular error would be caused by that–but that would be the first thing I checked.


Can’t confirm this works in this instance z but general approach to that error on the FIRST site and elsewhere:

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This worked for us, thank you so much!!

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