Problem in Windriver Installation

I have just recently installed Windriver onto a computer that I will have with me more often. However, when trying to use the “Setup Target Connection” process to setup a link to the robot, two VERY important inputs are completely missing from the menu (The input robot address bar and the vxworks file input). I am installing on Windows 7 and our other laptop with Windows 7 was able to install and everything was there. I have deleted all of the old Windriver files also.

Does anyone know why the two boxes are missing?:confused:

P.S Ran the Workbench update also and still nothing :confused:

If I remember correctly, this was an issue last year because Windriver does not fully support running on Windows 7. I’m not sure about this year because FIRST made us image the Classmate’s with Windows 7 and some teams don’t have a separate programming laptop. I can’t remember if there was a fix for it, but the symptoms seem to match last year’s issue.

I’ll keep an eye out in the forum for possible solutions

Wind River has known issues with Windows 7 64-bit that some UI elements do not show up. If you have 32-bit Windows 7, like what’s on the Classmate PC, you are fine. Interestingly, I have a Windows 7 64-bit laptop and I have the missing UI problem. But one of my students also has Windows 7 64-bit and he doesn’t have problem with his. So there must be something in addition to Windows 7 64-bit that triggers the Wind River bug. But nobody seems to know what it is.

If you can’t/don’t want to find another computer to use, the Universal C++ Project will let you deploy code through cygwin.

Thanks, glad to see that I’m not the only one having missing UI problems. Just wondering is there any way to solve this problem without having to run a different program? Like having 32-Bit Windows 7 or installing XP?

There were discussions about running a 32-bit OS in a VM running on top of the 64-bit Windows 7. I had installed WinXP in a VM on 64-bit Windows 7. It worked with respect to the missing UI issue, but I had issues on making the virtual network of the VM to pass through to the physical network. So I was not able to deploy and debug code in the VM. Since our team decided to buy a new team laptop anyway, I did not pursue further on the VM solution. But I am sure if I spend enough time, I would be able to configure the virtual network to make it work. I am hoping this issue will be fixed in the next season because almost all laptops come with 64-bit OS these days. Even underpowered netbooks will be 64-bit by next year.

I know this isn’t an ideal solution, but you could always install 32-bit windows on the computer. Granted, you’d have to find a copy first(easier for some than others).

just my $0.02

That’s why we bought a new team laptop. It is hard to ask any of our students to reinstall their laptop with 32-bit Windows 7. Even with a new laptop, it came with 64-bit Windows 7. We had to wipe it out and resintall the 32-bit version of Windows 7.

I’ve been trying to reproduce the problem with the Workbench install not working properly on a Windows 7 64-bit system that has SP1 installed. So far it seems to be working.

Can anyone who was having the issue previously verify whether the SP1 install fixes the problem? I know it was somewhat intermittent and so it’s hard to know for sure if the SP1 update (or some other update) fixed it. Or maybe I’m just not seeing it in my current Windows installation.

Thanks for the help.
Brad Miller

FWIW, I installed WorkBench to my 64-bit laptop last year and had UI problems especially when trying to create a new project. The new project dialog UI was blank. So we bought a team laptop and installed 32-bit Windows 7 on it to get around the problem. Last week, in preparation of the new season, I started workbench on my 64-bit laptop and created a new project without even thinking. Now that you reminded me, I now wonder why I can do that now?! So it confirmed that the problem is intermittent.

Is this something you can take a screenshot of and post here?


Like I said, I can no longer reproduce the problem. If I reproduce it again, I will take a screens shot for you.

Do you know if the new laptop (or Windows install) has SP1? And is it the same computer last year when it wasn’t working?


The one that wasn’t working was my personal laptop which has Windows 7 64-bit on it. My laptop is always up-to-date with all updates so it should have SP1 on it. If you are talking about the new team laptop, I don’t know if it came with Windows 7 SP1 or not because the moment it arrived, I wiped it cleaned and installed 32-bit Windows 7 on it.

I don’t know if this is the exact cause of this for Windows 7, but it seems if I run Windriver after hibernating my computer, those inputs are missing. When I run after properly shutting down and starting up my computer, everything is there.

It may not be the exact cause but I have tested this and it seems to happen exactly this way every time.:smiley: